Moneytun and Unibank announce a partnership

09/11/2019 – Las Vegas, Nevada 

Moneytun LLC, a Nevada corporation, a money service business, with the U.S. Department of the Treasury, has announced its latest partnership in the Republic of Armenia. The company has added over 45 retail Bank locations to its trusted network for secure, fast and inexpensive remittances to and from the United States. 

“It is a sizable addition to our footprint in Armenia and it is humbling to be able to work with such an iconic financial Institution. Unibank is one of the pioneers of remittance providers in Armenia and Moneytun has lot to learn and benefit from this historic partnership,” said Arthur Avetisian, a Managing Member at Moneytun.

Unibank was established in October 2001, with strategic directions towards retail business development and assistance to small and medium businesses. Unibank was the first bank in Armenia to issue shares to the public, through an Initial public offering (IPO) at NASDAQ OMX Armenia and is Armenia’s first bank to comply with Swift security standards. The bank is the member of ArCa and Visa International payment systems and rated by Moody’s Investors Service as B2, forecasted – stable.
The bank has over 45 branches throughout Armenia and a representative office in Moscow, Russia.

“The services, provided by Moneytun, will be a great addition to our remittances product line. We are excited, adding an Armenia-centric remittance operator and looking forward towards fruitful cooperation between our financial institutions,” said Natalya Ter-Gevorgyan, Unibank’s Head of International Remittance Systems Department. “We have followed Moneytun’s expansion in Armenia for quite some time. Making a decision, to partner with Moneytun, is in alignment with our banks’ strategic goals and expansion projections.”
This is the fifth cooperative agreement announced by Moneytun with an Armenian bank organization. Unibank joins Moneytun’s Republic of Armenia network, which include Ardshin Bank, Armeconom Bank, Ararat Bank and ID Bank. Moneytun now has the most extensive remittance network for international remittances in the Republic of Armenia. 

Moneytun Money Transfers is a registered trademark of Moneytun LLC, a Nevada corporation registered with the U.S. Department of the Treasury as a Money Service Business (MSB) and licensed in Nevada and California as a Money Transmitter. Established in 2007, the company builds on the experience of its founding members to provide money transfer services to 85 countries all over the world, with over 60,000 payout locations. Moneytun utilizes state-of-the-art financial & IT systems to accomplish its goals of superior service and precise understanding of its client needs. More information about the company can be found at

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