Send money to over 10,000 payout locations in 50+ countries. Moneytun offers low-cost remittance services, with specialized services for individuals and small communities. We are the most trusted and affordable money transfer provider for Armenia, Ukraine, and CIS nations.

  • Fees and exchange rates vary according to a schedule, determined by destination, partner organization, and amount.
  • You will need to provide the name and telephone number of your beneficiary, along with the service type requested (pickup or deposit).
  • Moneytun service representatives are available during business hours for support and to resolve any issues with your money transfer.
  • Most money transfers take only a few minutes to go through.

The 3 step process is simple, fast, and secure:

  1. Talk with a Moneytun service representative to get started. Learn about the money transfer options available to you, including our network of banks and other payment partners throughout the world.
  2. Provide beneficiary information. Tell us who you want to receive your money and how your beneficiary will receive the transfer, either by cash pick up or a direct deposit to an account.
  3. Send your money transfer. Before sending the transfer, we will confirm your transfer details one more time, just to make sure. Your initial transfer can be conducted in person at a Moneytun payment transfer location or online at

Moneytun is your trusted partner for money transfers and global payments – enjoy the benefits of service from an organization that is part of your community.