Cooperative Agreement with Ardshinbank

10/05/2016 – Las Vegas, Nevada
Moneytun LLC, a Nevada corporation, registered MSB with the U.S. Department of the Treasury, has announced its latest partnership in the Republic of Armenia. The company has added over 50 ArdshinBank retail branches too its trusted network for secure, fast and inexpensive remittances to and from the United States.

“It’s a pleasure and an honor to partner with ArdshinBank, this is a win-win for our customers,” said Arthur Avetisian, a Managing Memeber at Moneytun. “This agreement means our customers in Armenia are never more than minutes away from their money. ArdshinBank locations offer convenient access for our customers to send money to the United States using our secure transfer system.”

Ardshinbank is the second largest bank in Armenia by assets, with nearly $900 million worth total assets at the close of 2015. Ardshinbank is one of region’s fast-growing institutions and is winner of Euromoney Magazine’s “Best Bank in Armenia 2015” award. The bank is currently the only private entity in Armenia with assigned ratings from two international ratings agencies (Moody’s and Fitch Ratings).

“We welcome opportunities to expand our services portfolio for customers,” said Tigran Shahinyan, Ardshinbank’s Head of Remittances & Deposit Services. “Moneytun is a company with a reputation for excellence and innovation. Partnering with them helps us achieve our goals of expanding our operations and market share in Armenia and internationally.”
This is the fourth cooperative agreement announced this year by Moneytun with an Armenian bank organization. ArdshinBank joins ArmEconomBank, Ararat Bank and Anelik Bank as Moneytun partners in the Republic of Armenia. Moneytun now has one of the most extensive and secure money transfer networks for international payments in the country.

Moneytun Money Transfers is a registered trademark of Moneytun LLC, a Nevada corporation registered with the U.S. Department of the Treasury as a Money Service Business (MSB) and licensed in Nevada and California as a Money Transmitter. Established in 2007, the company builds on the experience of its founding members to provide money transfer services to 85 countries all over the world, with over 60,000 payout locations. Moneytun utilizes state-of-the-art financial & IT systems to accomplish its goals of superior service and precise understanding of its client needs. More information about the company can be found at .

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